ABOUT Duncan Byrne


Originally from the U.K, Duncan comes from a legacy of real estate development with a history of family projects in both Chelsea and Kensington as well as Brighton. His first solo real estate project was in 2015 when he found himself buying developing and selling a property in North West London.

Duncan is honored and humbled to be able to call the Stanaland group his home and believes that John's integrity knowledge and expertise are the benchmark within the ultra-luxury market and a perfect compliment to Duncan’s entrepreneurial spirit and extraordinary work ethic.

Duncan has close ties deep connections and a true passion for Laguna beach since it is not only where he got married to his incredible wife, but also the location that his new family and father-in-law founded one of the most luxurious hotels and resorts to ever grace the Southern California coastline creating a legacy of exceptional service attention to detail and a passion to create unforgettable experiences and memories that go far beyond the expectations of each and every client.

These guiding principles an understanding of the discreet customer within the ultra-luxury marketplace, a fine eye for detail and discerning negotiation skills are ultimately what makes Duncan’s humble and gracious approach refreshing. Duncan prides himself on his professionalism as well as his integrity and Duncan is not only here to guide you into the transaction but also hold your hand every step of the way during the process. Duncan looks forward to serving you with the utmost professionalism courtesy and reliability.