If you live in Laguna Beach and love classical music, free up your schedule for the 10th Annual Laguna Beach Music Festival coming up February 6th through the 12th. This week-long event is a winner if you're looking for artistic excellence and innovation, as well as a listening celebration of music at its finest, all near your Laguna Beach home

The Laguna Beach Music Festival is presented by Laguna Beach Live! and the Philharmonic Society of Orange County. It's a multi-featured festival with events and activities scheduled in a number of intimate, human-sized venues created for the casual listener, the trained, cultured ear and the admiring creative types. Some of the featured performances include a classical quartet repertoire, contemporary musical composition, world music traditions and visual arts collaborations. You simply can't lose on this artistic collaboration of musicians and artists who have honed their talents for the joy of their art

The festival's signature element is that of matching prominent artists with promising artists for performances of unique character through the union of youthful aptness and seasoned excellence. Audiences love the one-of-a-kind experiences that the festival provides as music touches the hearts and minds of all who attend. For more information including musician data and to purchase tickets, click here or call 949.553.2422.