If you who live in Laguna Beach, and find life is getting a little hectic, it's probably time to take some time out for yourself and your friends and enjoy a night out at Pure Light, near your Laguna Beach home. Pure Light is the candle boutique that lights up lives near your Laguna Beach home. Lucky for you, every Thursday is Ladies Day at Pure Light, which is a great time to get together and make a candle for 20% off of the base candle. What could be more rejuvenating than a day or night out being creative with light?

Pure light provides all the frills that you could need in embellishing your own artistic candle. Let's face it - it's an opportunity for those who love to accessorize since Pure Light has all of the candle accessories you could dream of, including seashells, sea glass, marbles, wax figures, pocket tokens, metal tokens, small candles and a message in a bottle. So take some time out and plan your Thursday night. In stressful times like these, some “feel good” escape time reserved for you and your friends can be beneficial, so make a reservation at Pure Light and get those creative juices flowing. For more information on Ladies Day at Pure Light, click here.