Top 5 Prime Real Estate Locations in Laguna Beach
Known for it's beautiful beaches and artistic, bohemian flair Laguna Beach has been an active and artistic community for almost a century. The real estate in Laguna varies and almost mirrors the variety of landscape which can be found there

There is hardly a bad place to live in Laguna, however there are some choice areas which should be first on the list of anyone shopping for a home in Laguna Beach

Laguna has miles and miles of beautiful coastline, and of course, living right on the beach has it's obvious advantages. This is a unique area which means that there are a variety of coastal communities and areas to choose from. They range from active downtown spots near main beach to quiet and secluded estates further down the coast

Whether you are a soul surfer or a sun goddess, living right on the beach offers ample opportunity to refine your craft

In The Hills
Although further from the ocean, real estate in the hills of Laguna may be even more sought after than beachside lots. A peaceful life in the hills is magnified by spectacular views of the mighty Pacific ocean and local canyons below. The landscape in the area is dramatic and most properties are situated to take full advantage of the vistas

Homes in the hills offer the best of both worlds, beautiful views from enough of a distance that there is still plenty of private outdoor space

In the Village
The Village is essentially the downtown area of Laguna, which maintains a quaint small-town feel that the local community is quite proud of. From a weekly farmers market, to yearly art festivals, the area offers a vibrant and active community of people and activities. There is a wide variety of boutique shops and trendy restaurants in the village, all just across the Pacific Coast Highway from sparkling Main Beach

Those who enjoy the bustle of a beach town will thrive living in the village area, with shopping, dining and entertainment just a few steps away

South Laguna
One of the best kept secrets in the area, South Laguna is about 10 minutes south of the village and offers a much sleepier part of town. Because of it's geographical location this area is not as often found by tourists and provides more seclusion for home owners who prefer having the beach to themselves sometimes

An ideal spot for families or professionals who need to get away, South Laguna provides a life at the beach outside the bustle of town

Laguna Canyon
The Canyon is the furthest from the beach of the prime real estate, but that doesn't make it the worst option for those looking to buy. A close knit community formed around the natural beauty of the land has created an area which has been very well preserved. Canyon views are every bit as breathtaking as those of the ocean and properties in the canyon have a much larger space allowance

Close enough to enjoy an ocean breeze, Laguna Canyon offers residents the chance to get away from it all and appreciate the natural beauty of the area

Which One is Your Prime Real Eastate?
Laguna Beach is a beautiful place, one with a great deal of natural beauty to appreciate. We've given you our favorite places to live in Laguna Beach, which one is yours?