Are you planning to put your luxury Laguna Beach home on the market in 2017? If you are, then it’s never too early to start planning. Why not forgo the typical New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or exercise more, and instead make a pledge to get yourself prepared for an upcoming sale? Here are six pledges you can make that will help you navigate your luxury home sale with ease

Remember why you fell in love with your home

Were you immediately struck by the panoramic ocean views when you first walked in the front door? Does the late afternoon sun fill your living room with the most flattering light? Is the outdoor living space perfect for hosting large parties? Remember back to what made you fall in love with your home, and convey that to your real estate agent. Chances are, these are the same features that will appeal to other potential buyers, and they could be great selling points for your home

Study your home with a critical eye

Starting at the front, walk through your home room by room. Using a critical eye, notice what spaces may need an update, making a list of fixes and facelifts you should complete before listing. Consider how your home could be staged to maximum benefit. If you begin early, you’ll have time to complete all the necessary tasks without becoming overwhelmed

Carefully consider your timeline

The luxury home market can and often does differ dramatically from a typical market. The process of selling can be more complex and last longer than a home that sells for considerably less. Take this timing into consideration when you’re deciding when to list, especially if the sale is a critical step of a larger relocation plan

Manage your expectations

This resolution goes hand-in-hand with considering your timeline. While every seller would love to close shortly after listing, it isn’t always the case. In the luxury market, patience can be a virtue and you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration if you manage your expectations

Keep your eye on the endgame

There are personal and specific reasons you are ready to sell your home, whether it’s because you’ve outgrown it, or you want to move to a different city. When you get deep into the process of selling it can be easy to forget your end goal and your priorities. By reminding yourself of the endgame, it will help you stay the course and sell quickly for a great price. Even when you’ve gotten tired or irritated

Work with a trusted partner

Partnering with a real estate professional who is an expert in the Laguna Beach luxury market is a must. A trusted agent will have the local expertise and global reach needed to help guide you through the selling process and deliver the results you are after. If you’re considering selling your distinctive Laguna Beach home, please don’t hesitate to contact an agent from The Stanaland Group. We would be happy to discuss your needs.