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The actor Kelsey Grammer has placed his Beverly Crest Home back in the market. Besides from acting, Kelsey is in the real estate business too. There have been many reports of him buying and selling a number of houses yearly. Few of the houses he owns have been featured on the Architectural Digest, which means that this guy has really good taste. 

When Kelsey puts one of his houses on sale, people get very interested. And since he just got married with a beautiful young bride, they are looking to set up in New York. His Beverly Crest Home is said to be modern traditional in style. It is built in the 1980s, two-story high and definitely quite elegant. There is a central hall which looks very appealing. A wine cellar can be found on this home too. And people find it amusing that there’s library, as well as a media room. There is also a service entrance

But it doesn’t stop there. The house comes with so many other desirable features. There are actually seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a pretty huge living space. It measures around, 10, 567 square feet. Of course, a house will never be a celebrity’s home without a pool. To complete the house, a four-car garage and a six-car motor court stand in more or less ¾ of an acre

In 2008, the price of the mansion is around $19.9 million. But this time around, the price has been reduced to $17.999 million. That’s about $2 million down. What people like about Kesley Grammer’s properties is that he never oversells them. Try to look at the features of the house; the millions of dollars are definitely worth it on this house. It’s a perfect home for those who want to live luxuriously. Everything a person needs and wants can be found on Grammer’s Beverly Crest Home

This home actually belongs to the list of hot properties for 2012. A lot of people are interested in investing their money to Grammer’s magnificent home. The actor’s house is surely is an eye-candy and the person who manages to buy this property is very lucky indeed. For about $18, the house offers more than what people are willing to pay for. That’s why there is no doubt that interested buyers will bid higher for this particular property. It’s a huge knock-off

According to the public records, Kesley bought the house in 2007 for about $13.7 million. Of course, major improvements have already been made since the time of purchase

For those who are not familiar with Kelsey Grammer, he actually won about four Emmy Awards for his lead role in the movie called “Frasier”. And of course, he is the voice behind Sideshow Bob of “The Simpsons”. He just got married to Kayte Walsh in 2011, and they are now expecting twins. It’s no wonder why they are trying to find a place on the Big City.