The most magnificent house than any U.S. President can have is the White House located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But before and after a presidential term, these people set foot at a different address. The leaders often call their other houses as their “home, sweet, home”. In honor of the coming election, we’ll take a peek at the homes of our beloved Presidents

President Obama and His Home at Greenwood Avenue

Before Obama resided in the White House, this guy lived simply at Greenwood Avenue, Chicago. The house was built in 1917, measured more than 6,000 sq. ft. of living space, a quiet home for him, his wife Lady Michelle and their daughters. This was purchased in 2005 for $1.6 million, shortly after Obama was elected as a Senator

President Bush’s Home after the Oval Office

What happened to George W. Bush after his presidential term? Well, he decided to go back to his home in Texas, bought a house that measured more or less 8,000 sq. ft, at 10141 Daria Pl. The Bush family also bought the neighboring property and tore it down in 2008. This demolition was said to give way for the expansion of the former first family’s yard

President Bill Clinton and the East Coast

Among all the presidents of United States, Bill Clinton was one of those who didn’t actually own a house during his residency at the White House.  Hillary Clinton, the former President and Secretary of State decided to stay in the East Coast, purchased a home in Chappaqua, NY right after the second term of the said leader. The home is located on what they call as a cul-de-sac lot, measuring around 5,232 sq. ft., which comes with 5 beds and 4 baths

President Reagan’s Hollywood Home

Before he lived in the White House, he was among those who lived in the hills of Pacific Palisades and Bel Air, a place where most celebrities spent their lives. The Palisades property was known to be his home before he was elected, together with his wife Nancy Reagan. After his term, the couple returned to Los Angeles, and got themselves a slice of the Bel Air neighborhood

President Gerald Ford and his Love for Outdoor Adventures

Two of Ford’s former homes are currently on sale in the market, one of which is his California home and the other one is his house in Colorado. Ford’s Vail home, is a proof that he loves the outdoors, especially skiing. Priced for about $9.85 million, his home has been on and off the real estate listings in 2008, it even reached a price of $14.9 million. His other home, which is in Rancho Mirage is very cheap compared the one previously mentioned. The Rancho is only about $1.6 million, which is at the Thunderbird Country Golf Course

John F. Kennedy and His Property

The Kennedy family holds a compound that is made up of 6 acres of land, in a waterfront at Natucket Sound, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. It is a small village in the town called as Barnstable. The father of the former president rented a summer cottage at the said area, and later on purchased the home. He did some renovations and remodeling, and became the family’s summer destination.