Experts repeatedly say that real estate is all about the location, especially when you have all the money in the world. When you can afford to live anywhere you want, you definitely won’t settle for less than you deserve. Just recently, a census data was released that suggests which cities in the United States have the greatest appeal for the rich and famous. These metropolitan areas feature the highest percentage of homes with high incomes. These cities represent a household income of $191,469, at the very least

Napa, California

Napa, CA is known for its wine country. This is indeed a haven for rich and wealthy Americans. The modest weather, great golf courses, and the classic yet high-end restaurants make this place the best there is. But of course, these perks don’t come cheap. The average listing price in this area runs around $1.2 million, and the vineyards are not included yet

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is the home to the prestigious University of Colorado. But this place is more than just a college town. It is seated at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills, and residents in the area surely enjoy 300 days of sunshine in a year. The average listing price of homes here are at $847,221


The Boston Metropolitan area, known as the home to the most influential and affluent people in history, like John F. Kennedy and Julia Child, is yet another rich city in the United States. However, prices of homes in the area vary depending on the type of home you’re looking for. The average listing price is at $1.04 million

Thousand Oaks, California

Thousand Oaks, CA, particularly the metro area, is considered as home to the nation’s richest households. It is located around 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles, where local residents enjoy golfing, theaters at the Civic Arts Plaza, and outdoor adventures at Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

The average listing price of homes is at $1.8 million

New York

Of course, New York will always be included on the list of richest cities in the United States. The metro area covered northern New Jersey, Long Island, and some parts of Pennsylvania. It is one of the most expensive places in the U.S. Everyone knows that New York is the world’s economic center, where residents and visitors enjoy top and world-class dining, theater, and the nightlife

Living within the premises of the NYC proper can be quite expensive. The average listing price is $2.35 million. With that price, you still can’t get a huge real estate home

Trenton, New Jersey

Trenton features a long history, famous for the Revolutionary war battle which happened in December of 1776. Home prices vary in the metro area, however, the average listing price is at $149, 254

San Francisco

The metro area in San Francisco (San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont) is considered is the priciest in the U.S. It comes with a diverse population, mixed cultural attractions, and a nice weather, making it a hot spot for wealthy people. Well, housing doesn’t come cheap in this area. The average listing price of a home is at $1.44 million

Washington, D.C.

Since it comes with a high density of wheeler dealers, it is not very surprising that D.C. is considered as one of the wealthiest and poorest at the same time, in the nation. The average listing price in its metro area is at $889,996. This include the areas in Virginia and Maryland

San Jose

San Jose is at the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the richest places in California. The metro area is home to the biggest and major technology companies, as well as the startups. Prices of homes differ, but these are generally expensive. In this place, the average listing price is at $632,630. Still, you can get more value for your money here compared to the lists of homes in other cities

Stamford, Connecticut

Stamford was once a modest colony of Puritan settlers, and now it is the wealthiest in the nation. The cost of living in this area is more than 60% above the national average. Listing price of homes has an average of $728,603.