Along with skyscrapers and high rise buildings come jaw dropping prices as well. The penthouse situated on the top floor of the Trump International Hotel in Chicago has been set up for a whopping price of thirty two million dollars. The condo belongs to Donald Trump and he is the proud owner of one of the tallest buildings in America

Wait, it gets more shocking. It is, no doubt, an expensive place but what’s more interesting is that it is now the most expensive condo in the history. Before the Trump Condo, the excessively expensive home was that of the La Grand Reve estate. It started from thirty two million dollars but it was bagged at a lower rate than this. That was in Winnetka and in 2009. After the Trump Condo, the second position is acquired by the Jordan home which was sold at twenty nine million dollars

One of the agents said that it is not at all surprising that the house was listed at such a high rate because the interior is dazzling. Moreover the condo occupies the whole of the floor so it was natural that it was brought into the market for this much gold money. What really piques peoples' interest is that the condo is in the line of breaking all previous records and therefore everyone would definitely like to see what the condo is made of

Overall the structure of the condo occupies about 14,260 square feet. This area is covered with five bedrooms, a gym, seven sinfully luxurious bathrooms, an elegantly furnished sitting room, a media room that keeps you glued to the latest technologies and scientific work. Moreover there is a gallery that displays top notch artwork. The full length of the windows provide a mesmerizing view of the Michigan Lake. The agent, Rafelli said that more than the architecture, people are captivated by the scintillating view of the surrounding pristine environment

No one can think of changing a single thing about the condo, it is simply perfect. But everyone has a different viewpoint so the interior can be changed accordingly and has a lot of space for new ideas and creativity

Once you have entered the condo you feel as if you have entered a new world. There is also this feeling that you have been cut off from the rest of the floors. Yes, it is that high. But once you get used to the idea, who doesn’t like to live at the top of the world?

Bets are being placed on who will buy the condo among the billionaires and whether it will be bought at this price or whether it will go down like the rest of the skyscrapers. But in this case there is also a possibility that some billionaires will pay more than the listed price because it is no ordinary condo and it must have a number of prospect buyers already. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait and see who the lucky billionaire is and who throws the first part in this impressive and inspiring condo