Laguna Beach is currently ranked #2 in the west in the National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation sponsored by the Wyland Foundation. The contest, celebrating the 40th year of the Clean Water Act is open for communities throughout the United States, and Laguna Beach falls into the category for 5,001-30,000 residents. If you live in Laguna Beach, please take the time to make your pledge and learn more about how you can conserve more water and money. In four simple steps you can register and learn steps for conserving near your Laguna Beach home. Tips for conservation are easy, ranging from singing shorter songs in the shower to using a refillable water bottle rather than disposables and watering your lawn before 8 a.m

Prizes will be randomly awarded to participants who pledge to complete efficiency measures to enhance conservation with their homes, outdoor areas, and vehicles. Prizes include a Toyota Prius c Hybrid, 12 Rain Bird custom-designed sprinkler systems, 12 Sterling water-saving toilets, 50 Waterpik eco-flow shower heads, and 1000 Lowe's giftcards.Click here and spread the word to help Laguna Beach top the list of most water-wise. Currently Hermosa Beach ranks as #1.The contest began on March 30th and runs through April 30th, leaving you only nine days to participate.