Laguna Beach homes and artA feast for the eyes and the intellect is coming to the Laguna Art Museum, located near Laguna Beach homes! The summer’s main-level exhibition is entitled “Faux Real” and will runs from now through September 29th, offering one more excellent way to spend a summer day

The exhibit showcases contemporary artists mimicking reality, while playing with our perceptions about authenticity and duplication. Their subject matter is often pedestrian food, furniture, or knick-knacks. By turning these banal objects into art, spectators are asked to consider how these things are made and how we see or don’t see them, adding an element of philosophy to each piece!

Art lovers who live in Laguna Beach homes will enjoy the visual cunning of the creations which deceive the eyes and create a feeling of amazement and wonder. Many of the sculptures invite the viewer to reconsider their visual surroundings and begin asking questions. And many of the pieces in the show ask more challenging questions about American consumerism and the consequences of political commitments, fueling discussions to be had long past the exhibit's debut

The exhibition will give you a new outlook on your Laguna Beach home and everything you see as you go about your day. Stop in during open museum hours and catch a glimpse of "Faux Real."