Chefs share near Laguna Beach homesArt is in the air near Laguna Beach homes this summer.  Why not take some of that creativity into the kitchen?  The Festival of Arts is hosting Sunday cooking demonstrations throughout the month of August.  Admission is free with Festival admission.  You could browse the exhibits and chat with the artists in the morning, then head over to Art of Cooking for a one-hour demonstration that begins at 1 p.m.  Chefs who work near Laguna Beach homes will whip up delicious recipes which you get to try.  You’ll also get great food and cooking tips throughout

On August 4th, Sara Forte will be demonstrating and giving tips on cooking seasonally.  She’s done a lot of work on organic farms.  She’s also the author of Sprouted Kitchen: A Tastier Take on Whole Food.  When you live in Laguna Beach, healthful living is part of your lifestyle.  Learn how to take it to a more delicious level

Jason Quinn will host a demonstration on August 11th.  He and his wife Hilary own Playground and Playground 2.0 restaurants in downtown Santa Ana.  They cook a new menu everyday, based on what food was delivered.  This is creative cooking at its tastiest!

Inspired cooking is coming to Laguna Beach homes!  Be sure to visit the Art of Cooking webpage to find out about the other chefs who are demonstrating.  You can also read their biographies.