In a couple of years The state of California will be introduced to standards and regulations that will play a vital role in saving energy. The state regulation, which is now gearing up to make the State of California with meticulously designed energy conserving standards, has made mandatory for all homes and offices to have solar rooftops. Moreover, these new regulations and standards involve a set of common ways to save energy through measures like installation of hot-water pipes and monitoring the air conditioners for a safer air flow. These standards have been promulgated by the California Energy commission (in consultation with the state regulators) and will come in effect on 1st January, 2014

The strict regulation that makes the use of the rooftop solar systems mandatory will be one of the fundamental reasons for the boom of the rooftop industry of California. The solar roof top industry has been on the rise for the past few years and with the introduction of these standards it is bound to fly

The mechanism of the rooftop solar systems relies on the photovoltaic panels. These are the panels that allow the sunlight to be effectively converted into electricity. But the photovoltaic panels present many concerns that must be accounted for if they are to be used for maximum efficiency. One of the biggest concerns for many buildings will be the shade. If the building is surrounded by many taller ones than the rooftop solar panels will be useless. Also the building must face south for ideal placement of the solar panels. Most of the buildings have fans, skylights and also attic vents that may be an issue for the panels to be affixed to the roof

These new set of regulations has updated the older standards like the Building Energy Standards known as the Title 24, which were found in the California Code of regulations. This means that home and building owners will not have to install solar panels on their roofs. However if they want to have it installed, their roofs will need no modifications for the installation

There are also regulations that include improvements in the windows to reduce the heat emission in winters and heat intake in summers. Also after the implementation of these regulations it will be a requisite that homes should have whole-house fans to conserve energy as these fans need only the evening air

The Energy Commission foresees that the new regulations will cost $11 per month to a new home’s cost but will on the other hand reduce costs up to $27 per month thus making it economically feasible

There will also be good news for the construction industry as they will now be getting moiré permits pulls as the projection for 2012 is 57000 permits as compared to the 47147 back in 2011

This is not the first time that the state of California has seen energy conservation regulations, it saw its first such regulations back in 1978. These laws since then have been regularly checked and upgraded to adapt to the changing climate and increasing carbon footprint. New homes and offices will now use approximately 25 % less energy in all cooling, heating and ventilation as compared to those that were built prior to 2009