Looking to enjoy a little indoor St. Patrick's Day fun near your Laguna Beach home this rainy evening? If so, you will find plenty of traditional favorites with specials like green beer and corned beef with cabbage within walking or designated driving distance. Best of all reservations are not required, allowing you the flexibility to determine where you want to go and who you want to meet up with for some spur of the moment good times.  Look below to see some favorite places to visit if you live in Laguna Beach, and remember to drink responsibly and safely

  • French 75, located at 1464 S. Coast Hwy. will offer a three-course menu for $24 per person with an additional $12 for the beer pairing. Call (949) 494-8444 for details.

  • The House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer , located at will have corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and Guinness braised beef shepherd’s pie meals for $10.95 and green beer for everyone. They will also have other drink specials, along with $6 green apple martinis. Call 949.715.4500 for details.

  • Hennessey's Tavern, located at 213 Ocean Ave. has a set menu featuring Irish fare all day and after 5 p.m. a celebration with live bands and traditional Irish drinks and food. Call 949.494.2743 for details.

Of course, you can always visit any of the other local restaurants in Laguna Beach for a fantastic meal, but these are a few that seem to create a festive and traditional St. Patrick's Day atmosphere.  Have a great time!