The star of hip-hop, Jay-Z, along with his beautiful wife, Beyonce and their sweet baby, Blue Ivy are trying to escape the Manhattan summer heat, moving to their Hamptons residence during the month of August. They own a giant, luxurious estate which has over 30,000 square feet. This means it is large enough for the family to have good time and benefit from full privacy

Moreover, the mansion is relatively new, built in 2005 and its value was estimated at about $60 million. Five years later, it dropped to $44 million due to the economical crisis. It is owned by a single mom from Florida, Cheryl Mercuris who used to rent it to a famous banker for half a million dollars for two weeks. This is expensive, but since it is in the Hamptons, the price is fair. Still, most of the time the place isn’t rented and Cheryl enjoys the luxurious propriety by herself

Nevertheless, the famous Beyonce & Jay-Z rented it with only $400,000 for the entire month of August. The residence is truly impressive and it will provide the couple with an amazing holiday. Not only it is implied one of the most popular and famous touristic areas in America, but the mansion is indeed fabulous, offering all the amenities the couple may need. It has exotic decorations, luxurious finishing touches and granite, marble or walnut floors. Overall, the propriety includes a master suite of 2,800 square foot, a virtual golf course, a media room, a two-lane bowling alley, a full bar and a disco, a gym, basketball and squash and a rock climbing wall. As well, on the outside it has an extra-large pool, a personal spa a tennis court and an outdoor kitchen. All these are fabulous facilities would enchant and satisfy any superstar regardless of their requirements. Thus, they will be perfect for Jay-Z and his family too

Many additional contributions have been brought to the house over the years. There was designed a four-parcel compound and the mansion also suffered some modern redecorations. It is absolutely splendid from every point of view. Filled with eccentric and glamorous details, it’s certainly a dream house. Built with class, taste and a lot of money, it is a residence that many would desire to live in. It brings together so many things and activities that it’s impossible to get bored when you are home. Whether you want to spend time practicing sports, swimming in the pool, working out in the gym, watching a movie, making a barbeque, throwing a party, or simply reading a good book in the garden, this magnificent mansion will certainly live up to your expectations. It’s well worth the giant rental price and Beyonce, Jay-z and Baby Blue Ivy will surely have a perfect summer in the Hamptons.