Laguna Beach is a community that is synonymous with luxury. Any trip around town reveals block after block of some of the most distinctive properties in coastal California. But what actually defines a luxury home?

While luxury is often tied to price, location and size, there’s much more that contributes to the character of high-end real estate. Here are our thoughts on the qualities that make luxury Laguna Beach homes stand out, and what area buyers expect.


Laguna Beach’s seven miles of coastline and 27 beaches offer some of the most stunning vistas in Southern California. So it's no surprise that real estate along the coast is highly desirable. At the same time, however, homeowners want to maintain a sense of seclusion, even if their neighbors are close by. The best luxury homes in town are the ones designed to maximize the setting, while still creating a sense of privacy. All things considered, luxury buyers want a refuge, and will pay a premium for added layers of security and peace.


Today’s high-end buyers have nearly unlimited choices when it comes to home design and technology. Luxury homes that place an emphasis on sustainability and environmental friendliness are important to area buyers. As a result, they want homes that utilize green building practices and smart home technology to create living spaces that are healthy and eco-conscious.


The quality of a property’s building materials, finishes, design and appliances must be of the highest caliber. Laguna Beach’s finest homes feature top-of-the-line details that highlight and work in harmony with the area’s natural beauty. It’s not unusual to see homes in town featured in respected magazines like Architectural Digest, Coastal Living and Sunset Magazine. Many buyers look for homes with an understated elegance, not over-the-top displays of wealth. Homes tend to be sophisticated with design choices that emphasize views and natural surroundings. In addition, Laguna Beach has a long history as an artists’ colony, and homes become showplaces for an owner’s distinguished art collection.


The best Laguna Beach homes cater to the interests, hobbies and occupations of their owners. Here you’ll find chef’s grade kitchens, state-of-the-art home theaters, libraries, art studios, wine cellars with tasting rooms – you name it. Homes often come with private guest quarters, large entertaining spaces and separate catering kitchens. By and large, outdoor living is a priority and luxury homes always feature stunning outdoor spaces with infinity pools, spas, waterfalls and lush landscaping.

Move-in Ready

Buyers interested in the Laguna Beach lifestyle are often looking for turnkey properties. As a result, they are willing to pay a premium for homes that are stunning as is. Some may even desire homes that come fully furnished. Laguna Beach offers the best in resort-style living, where homeowners can leave their cares at the door. Many want that state-of-mind to begin the moment the sale closes.

More Information

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