tennis near your Laguna Beach homeThe Laguna Beach Community Services Department has started a new tennis program developed for young women who live in Laguna Beach and are currently between grades 9th through 12th to complement the high school tennis program. These classes will be taught by Laguna Beach High School varsity and junior varsity coaches, Don Davis and Janice Ashton. Focusing on such skills as service game, match play, positioning and movement will allow for more intense competitive training for the high school team. Find out more by calling Coach Davis at 949.690.8118 or Coach Ashton at 949.433.6414 or read more about the variety of tennis classes offered this fall near your Laguna Beach home by clicking here

The Community Services Department offers classes in tennis, including private and group lessons, at a variety of locations throughout Laguna Beach and you can register for classes at 515 Forest Avenue or through their website. Children as young as five years old, teens, and adults are all welcome to join in the learning and improve their tennis game. Check the schedule to find the class that works best for you and determine how you can enroll in the next round of lessons.