31732 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 499-6311

About Eva's-A Caribbean Kitchen

This gem has been around for awhile, but it's been one of the best kept secrets for locals in Laguna Beach. Now Eva's-A Caribbean Kitchen is becoming the talk of the town, so get there before it starts getting too packed! It's the best of Caribbean food, which means you get to change things up from the basic burger or steak dinner (which are prominent in Laguna Beach). Eva's-A Caribbean Kitchen has all of the classic Creole and Caribbean dishes you're used to seeing in the deep South or Harlem, but with a spin that makes the restaurant sit right at home on the West coast.

What to Order

Those who are familiar with Creole and Caribbean food know that it's warm, soulful cooking that can be spicy at times. At Eva's-A Caribbean Kitchen, everything is made to order so you can decide how spicy or mild you want your dish. For starters there's a Cajun shrimp dip that is spicy enough to get the show on the road without filling you up. After all, you want to leave plenty of room for Eva's-A Caribbean Kitchen's many main dishes. Guests love to ask for extra bread to sop up all of the spicy goodness that comes from the juices of the shrimp with that appetizer.

The Callaloo soup is also a winner for starters and is comprised of a shellfish broth with greens such as spinach and okra. This makes a great light meal or an appetizer. For dinner, try ordering the Creole stewed fish. It comes with hot sauce on the side, so you can make it as spicy as you'd like. There's also jerk chicken and jerk salmon, two staples of the Caribbean. The jerk seasoning at Eva's-A Caribbean Kitchen is just right and never overpowering, even for those who are new to this flavor.The Cajun black tiger prawns are hot and come in a spicy paste that doesn't take away from the fresh seafood flavor.

This restaurant wouldn't be complete without a sizable selection of rums to choose from. Make like you're in the islands and order one of the house specialties when grabbing a drink at Eva's-A Caribbean Kitchen. One drink is dubbed the Dark and Stormy and fuses rum with ginger beer for a spicy flavor that accompanies all of the food you're consuming when visiting this special restaurant.

How Much?

Entrees at Eva's-A Caribbean Kitchen top out at just under $30. For most patrons, this is well worth the price considering you're getting fresh, authentic Creole and Caribbean food right in the heart of California. Those who have visited the South or the islands and have explored the local food culture will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of food Eva's-A Caribbean Kitchen is serving up nightly. In a place like Laguna Beach, a restaurant could get away with calling themselves an ethnic restaurant without delivering the goods, but this spot goes all of the way. Expect friendly service and an inviting atmosphere that's sure to make you return.