Laughter yoga in Laguna BeachHave you tried out Laguna's Laughter Yoga class yet? Held near you Laguna Beach home, this active yoga group combines several theories to add a new element to your yoga practice. Realizing that laughing is extremely beneficial to health, as is yoga, the Laughter Club is made up of like-minded individuals who live in Laguna Beach and surrounding areas. Combining exercise and a sense of humor, these classes enhance mood and bring Laguna Beach residents together, using laughter as a form of exercise

Laguna Beach Home to Laughter

In Laguna Beach, the Laughter Club meets seven days each week, at 8 a.m. Sunday through Friday and at 10 a.m. on Saturdays. Yoga is held on the sand at the northern end of Main Beach, at Pacific Coast Highway and Broadway, although actual location may shift depending on the tide. If there's rain, the class takes place under the gazebo as the club is not deterred by rain or holidays, confirming the thought that laughter should be a part of daily life, no matter the situation. All meetings are free, but love donations are appreciated. To get more details about the group and theory it embraces, please click here. Happy laughing!