Laguna Beach has long been a favorite destination for artists, poets, writers and photographers. So it’s no surprise that many books have been published that extoll the virtues of this coastal California city. If you want to read and learn more about Laguna Beach, here are our top picks

Finding Laguna Beach

If you’re looking for the perfect coffee table book to complement your Laguna Beach home, this is it.

Finding Laguna Beach

by Kate Houlihan is a gorgeous, 98-page photo essay that features images from some of the most iconic locations in town

Once By The Pacific

Once By The Pacific: Laguna Beach in Poems and Pictures

is a creation of Laguna Beach resident Sarah Koops Vanderveen. This beautiful book captures the spirit of Laguna Beach in poetry, which is paired with original photos by John Van Hamersveld

Laguna Beach (Then And Now)

Take a walk down memory lane with

Laguna Beach (Then And Now)

by Foster J. Eubank and Gene Felder. Discover Laguna’s early history through essays and photos, and see how the village has changed over the years. This is a must-have for those who love Laguna Beach. Which, according to the authors, is everyone they know

Loving Laguna

If you’re looking for advice from a local, then check out

Loving Laguna, A Local’s Guide to Laguna Beach.

Written by Laguna Beach resident, Skip Hellewell, the book traces the city’s origins as a beach destination and art colony. Learn about local beaches, art galleries, restaurants, fun local walks and other interesting things to do

101 Things To Love About Laguna Beach

Created as an illustrated love letter,

101 Things To Love About Laguna Beach

is perfect for both locals and visitors alike. Penned by British transplants Sally Eastwood and Helen Polins-Jones, this whimsical guidebook is full of watercolor landscapes and delightful prose

Laguna Beach

For a deep dive into the history of Laguna Beach, crack open

Laguna Beach

by Claire Marie Vogel. This chronicle of the city spans from its early days to the 1970s. It also includes more than 500 photos culled from the collections of the Historical Society, the library and local residents

Hush Little Baby

If fiction is more your taste, then you’ll love the page-turner

Hush Little Baby

by local author Suzanne Redfearn. Called a “psychologically astute, swiftly paced story” by NY Times bestselling author, Christina Schwarz, the novel takes place in a very recognizable Laguna Beach. This is definitely a great book to enjoy while sitting on the beach or enjoying the views from the deck of your Laguna Beach home

Laguna Beach Books

The best part of all is that many of these fine books can be found at

Laguna Beach Books.

Located in the historic HIP District, the store features an excellent selection of books and often hosts local authors for talks and book signings. It’s a great place to go to find the perfect beach read or holiday gift

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