Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife, Camille Donatacci, isn't the only one being kicked out from Grammer’s life. Apparently, the couple’s home in Beverly Glen is also heading out the exit door as well – and it’s $2 million lower than its original price in 2008

The couple purchased the house for $13.7 million in 2007. Grammer, who has an inclination of purchasing and flipping houses, renovated the house and sold it for $19.9 million the following year. The house, however, fell off the market due to the couple's pending divorce happening that time

The 10,567-square-foot house, which is located in the north of Sunset Boulevard and south of Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, is known to be predominantly occupied by wealthy families. It also carries two zip codes: 900077, and the infamous zip code, 90210. It has 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, a large living room, an outdoor swimming pool, a media room, motor court, a gourmet kitchen, a dining room, and a gym

This isn't the first house Grammer and his ex-wife invested in a house. In fact, they have amassed a good number of real estate investments over the years. According to, the couple’s impressive portfolio includes the following houses:

  • 6,645 square feet, 4 bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms Serra Retreat, Malibu, California, around $18 million

  • 1.88+ acre on Weave Hollow in Andes, Delaware County, NY. There are also reports that shows Grammer’s own 19th century farmhouse. It measures 2,800 square feet.

  • 8,000 square feet, 7-bedroom, Grammer Bridgehampton home in New York, which is worth an estimated$16.1 million.

  • 8,230 square feet house, 1.67 acres in Avon, CO. Records also reveal that the property was bought through Kelsey’s trust for $5,350,000 in May 2002.

  • 2 properties in Hawaii — one that was bought for $6 million in 2003, and the other for $1.75 million in May 2006.

  • Multiple million-dollar apartments in upstate New York.

Grammer and Donatacci's divorce was finalized on February 10, 2011, and the couple is reported to have accumulated over $100 million worth of real estate over 13 years of their marriage. Grammer recently wed his girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, a British Flight Attendant who is 25 years his junior, and also added another house to his collection of real estate properties – a 6 –bedroom, 7-bathroom house in Beverly Hills for him and his new wife.  The couple recently announced that they are expecting twins in the summer of 2012