Did you know that practicing yoga is quite easy to enjoy near your Laguna Beach home? Come practice outdoors in the beautiful Southern California mornings with Carl Brown, a registered yoga alliance instructor. Offered Monday through Thursday and Saturday at 8a.m., these yoga classes are a free community service offered by Brown to residents who live in Laguna Beach, although a suggested $5 donation is requested on Saturdays. All donations go to the Himalayan Children's Fund for the education of women. Yoga in the Park currently supports 10 girls in Nepal with their education

Yoga in the Park's format is always a strong Vinyasa style class that has a Power Yoga base. Carl Brown's free Yoga in the Park classes are now in their sixth year and are held at their new permanent home, the public park at the Montage resort. The Montage offers a beautiful and very comfortable place for the yoga classes. It has a great flat area in a very tranquil setting, perfect for relaxing yoga. Each class can accommodate pretty much an unlimited number of students, all with a clear view of the instructor, not to mention having the ocean on three sides.

For more info please call Carl Brown at 949-494-9928 or click here