Many of you probably dreams of living in a castle. Ladies and gentlemen, castles don’t just exist in storybooks alone. Interested individuals can get their very own castle with a reasonable price. Today, there are a number of French castles for sale, and these are indeed the traditional-looking mansions that people are fond of

Garonne, France

Comprised of more than 11,000 sq. ft., this castle in Garonne, France is indeed one of the best there is. It was built in the 12th century and held rich history of the military. The walls of the said castle is said to be impenetrable, protecting the former residents of this home. It has been recently restored and the impressive interiors still remain beautiful

The property comes with a park, farmland, swimming pool and a house for the caretaker. It is equipped with 9 bedrooms and bathrooms. And the whole castle and land cost around $4.2 million

Céret, France

Another magnificent castle is none other than the one found in Céret, France. This is commissioned by Justine Bardou, known to be the inventor of the cigarette rolling papers. It is a living example for the Baroque design by the Danish architect known as Viggo Dorph-Petersen. The beautiful interiors are indeed well-preserved, also featuring dozens of chandeliers, extravagant moldings, Pyrenean columns, and a lot more

The property measures more than 32k sq. ft, with 13 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It includes an English garden, swimming pool, chapel, conservatory and the like. The castle is worth $23 million

Sarlat-la-Canéda, France

Found in the region rich in history, Perigord Noir, this castle was built in the 13th century. It recently underwent a renovation, which added grand amenities such as a tennis court, sauna, heated swimming pool and the like. But of course, the Gothic and Renaissance appeal of the architecture and the decors remain intact and untouched

The property measures around 13,000 sq. ft, with 8 bedrooms and bathrooms. The wooded grounds come with guesthouses and suites, as well as an equestrian facility. It costs more or less $13.5 million

Oyonnax, France

Just 45 minutes past Geneva, people will find this magnificent 14th century castle which has gone through two years of renovation. The façade comes with a neo-Renaissance style, but the interiors project a gothic appeal, with arches, frescoes, and detailed tile flooring

Amounting to more than 21k sq. ft. of land, the property covers several natural formations including ponds, waterfalls, canals and the like. It is also equipped with a world class and Olympic-level equestrian facility, just like in fairy tales. The price of the castle and the rest of the facility is $37.5 million

Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France

The castle is built way back in the late 16th century, was made by Paris parliament member Jehan Leclerc du Trembley. Through time, the property expanded significantly, equipped with 50 rooms and 50 bathrooms, with a stone exterior, elegant landscape on the lawns, and more

The place is just 45 minutes away from Paris, enclosed in a compound with six buildings. Within the premises, people can find a guard tower, seminary, an orangery, pools, ponds, and beautiful English gardens. It costs around $20.1 million.