It’s no secret that prospective home buyers have been turning more and more to mobile apps during the purchase process.  These tools can be quite useful to help research and organize information, calculate potential costs, and learn about different neighborhoods in Laguna Beach, all with just a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet computer.  But with so many home buying apps available, how do you know which ones are the best?  Here’s a look at a few mobile apps that have garnered good reviews from users and experts alike.  While these apps can’t take the place of working with a qualified and knowledgeable realtor, then can make the process of buying a home easier and more fun.  Here we go!


If you’re driving around Laguna Beach exploring neighborhoods, and you come across a home that you might be interested in, take a picture of it with the Homesnap app.  It will then give you information about that particular property including how much it last sold for, local school ratings, similar listings, nearby sales and more.  Homesnap currently has a database of over 90 million homes across the country, and information is pulled from MLS listings.  It works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Mortgage Calculator Pro

After you’ve found a place that you love, use the Mortgage Calculator Pro to determine what the monthly mortgage payments would be.  The calculator allows you to also factor in different adjustments for insurance, property tax, monthly fees and more.  The app lets you compare and save loans in a Favorites list, and calculations are done instantly.  Users can specify the length of time for a loan in months or years and the app allows three decimal places for the interest rate field.  It is available for both iPhone and Android and devices

Photo Measures

Let’s say you’ve gone on a walk-through of a house and afterwards you just can’t remember the details.  Banish that problem forever with Photo Measures, available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  This app allows you to take pictures of each room as you view it, and then save measurements of the rooms’ dimensions on the photos.  Now if you need to decide whether or not your gorgeous, custom-made couch will fit in the living room or whether the wine cellar can hold your vast collection of Italian vintages, this app will do the work for you

House Hunter

Recently touted by the New York Times as a good choice for anyone serious about buying a home, the House Hunter app helps you organize all your data including pictures in one place for an unlimited amount of homes.  You can track and compare each home and use their unique scoring method to help identify houses that best match your requirements.  With over 80 different home features to choose from and prioritize, you can endlessly personalize House Hunter to fit your needs

Using any of the four apps outlined above – or a combination thereof – will certainly arm you with knowledge and help keep your organized as you look for your new Laguna home.  Once you have the hang of using them, you’ll find that they can be an invaluable tool in your search