Did you know there are more than 100 pieces of public art to enjoy in Laguna Beach? Residents of Laguna Beach take their art seriously and enjoy sharing their love of art with the wider community. As a result, these pieces add beauty and depth to our seaside village, and a very pleasant afternoon can be spent taking a tour of them. Here’s a look at some of our favorites in particular.

Bluebird Park Gate

Created by Jon Seeman in 2009, the Bluebird Park Gate is a fun and whimsical portal into one of the city’s best parks for kids. Geometric shapes and primary colors let passers-by know that there is fun to be had just beyond the gates, consequently enticing visitors to enter.

The Whaling Wall

Next, be sure to catch a piece by one of the city’s most famous artists-in-residence, Wyland. The Whaling Wall was created in 1996 and is a stunning mural that is 12 feet tall and 130 feet wide. It portrays whales painted on ceramic tiles and is one of the most famous pieces of public art in town.


Another favorite from artist Wyland, this bronze sculpture captures a playful female dolphin and her tiny calf. The beautiful life-sized sculpture is located outside Wyland Galleries, where you can enjoy an in-depth look at his body of work, including paintings, photos, sculptures and more.


Located in Alta Laguna Park, Interlude by Peter Busby was created in 1993. Comprised of five webbed steel sculptures that resemble the tails of whales diving into the grass, this one is a crowd favorite.

Laguna Tortoise

The story of the tortoise and the hare inspired the Laguna Tortoise, an enormous, rainbow-colored tortoise by artist Michele Taylor. Colorful ceramics and glass are embedded in this fun sculpture which was installed in 2003. In particular, it's a favorite of children who enjoy climbing on it and those who want an Instagram-worthy subject.

Sight and Sound

The two panels that comprise Raymond Resinger’s Sight and Sound contain poems written by the artist. The panels are constructed of wood, metal and stained glass and were installed in 2002. They look especially stunning at sunset with the light shining through them and the gorgeous Pacific Ocean as the backdrop.


The female figure known as Voyager was created by Linda Brunker in 2003. This delicate sculpture stands tall and proud in Treasure Island Park, facing the ocean. Floral and fauna from the sea create her bronze form, thereby informing onlookers that all things in life are connected.

Semper Memento

Finally, check out  Semper Memento by Jorg Dubin, which was installed in 2011 in Heisler Park. It’s a moving memorial to 9/11. The base of the sculpture is shaped like the Pentagon. In addition, a small planter in the center represents the field in Pennsylvania where the United flight crashed. Also coming up out of the base are two I-beams from the World Trade Center, which shelter a mirrored sphere in the center, reflecting the world. This is a piece you need to see for yourself to experience its power.

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