Ghosts and goblins and witches, oh my!  It's Halloween time, folks, and that means we're in for some spooktacular fun!  If you're gearing up to decorate your home for a party or to entertain your trick-or-treaters, here are some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing

Create Creepy Spiderwebs

Looks like the spiders have invaded!  Get this creepy, crawly look with just a little bit of cheesecloth and know-how.  First figure out where you'll hang the cheesecloth - some great places would be a mantel, in a doorway, or along a buffet table.  Cut the fabric in the same width as the space you will cover and pin in place with thumbtacks.  Next, cut vertical strips in the cheesecloth in varying lengths and at random intervals.  Then snip or tear holes in each strip and fray the edges by pulling on it.  Finish off the look by attaching black plastic spiders with a little glue

Spooky Centerpiece

Make a truly disturbing centerpiece crawling with bugs and other vermin.  You'll need some glue, vinyl bugs and snakes, black paint, floral wire, poster putty, a vase and fake flowers.  Start by attaching your bugs to the flowers with glue.  Next, if your snakes aren't black, paint them with black paint.  Then create anchors with floral wire for the snakes by twisting one end around the middle of the snake and putting the other end in the vase.  Glue other scary vermin to the vase with poster putty.  Sit back and enjoy when your guests scream about what's crawling near their food

Scary Ghosts

These glowing ghosts are super easy to create and help light the way for guests.  Simply snap a glow stick so it starts to glow and insert it into a white balloon.  Then blow up the balloon and tie it closed.  Using a black marker, draw scary ghost faces on the balloon.  You can use these fellas to light your walkway, or attach them to your indoor walls with tape

Haunted Parlor

Bring out the haunted look in your home with this simple project.  You can make any room in your house look like it's been ignored for years.  You'll need scissors, white fabric, measuring tape, needle and thread, black tea bags, a spray bottle, and a curtain rod

First you'll make a pair of curtains for the window.  You can make your own by taking fabric two inches longer than the window and sewing a channel in the top, or using an old pair of existing curtains.  Cut holes with scissors in the fabric to make it look old and moth-eaten.  Then brew a pot of tea and pour into a spray bottle.  Spray the curtain with the tea and let it drip down, making the fabric look old and neglected.  Cover all your furniture with white sheets, and add creepy touches such as plastic spiders, cobwebs and candles

You can easily create spooky Halloween atmosphere in your own home.  Just follow the simple tips outlined above and you'll be scaring your guests half to death in no time!