trick or treat

Trick or treat! It’s that time of year again, when kids and parents will be canvassing the neighborhoods in full costume amassing a stash of candy. While Halloween is definitely a time to have fun, Laguna Beach homeowners should take extra precautions to make sure everyone is safe on their property. Here are some tips to make sure you’re ready to welcome all the little ghosts and goblins.

Provide plenty of light around your home

Kids know that the universal sign that a home is giving out candy is that the porch light is on, but homeowners should go further than that to ensure the way to the front door is safe. Since trick-or-treating often happens in the evening, and kids are sometimes wearing costumes that limit their sight, be sure that the walkway leading up to your door is well lit. If you aren’t planning to give out candy, leave your outside and porch lights off.

Keep walkways clear

Kids can get very excited going door to door on the hunt for candy. In their excitement, they could easily trip and fall. Make sure that all your sidewalks and walkways are clear of leaves and debris, and keep all Halloween decorations well off the path. This goes for outdoor toys, bikes and gardening equipment, too.

Make necessary repairs

Is that porch railing a little wobbly? Do you have a floorboard on your porch that is loose? Now is the time to make those repairs, since you may have many small hands and feet using them.

Avoid using real candles

There are so many alternatives these days it’s just not necessary to use real candles in your jack o’ lanterns. Electric candles, holiday lights or glow sticks are safer options. Kids can easily trip over a pumpkin, and if there’s an open flame it could spread, causing injury or damage to your property.

Keep pets inside

It’s tempting to get your furry family members in on the fun, but Halloween can be disorienting for them. Avoid the risk of a dog biting a child in costume or a cat accidentally escaping by keeping your pets indoors, preferably away from the front door if you will be opening it frequently to hand out candy.

Check your security system

If you are planning to be away on Halloween night, make sure your security system is on and in good working order. Install motion-sensing lights that can deter would-be thieves and let neighbors know if you aren’t going to be home. Thefts and burglaries can be more common on Halloween, so take extra precautions to safeguard your property.

Give out safe treats

Halloween is not the time to treat your neighbor’s kids to a homemade candy apple. Parents are right to exercise abundant caution when allowing their kids to eat what they collect door-to-door. Make sure your loot doesn’t end up in the trash by only giving out commercially packaged candy.

More Information

If you’d like more information about homes for sale in Laguna Beach, please don’t hesitate to contact the Stanaland Group. Everyone here hopes that you have a safe and fun Halloween!