Heisler Park is a charming destination located in Laguna Beach, California. This tropical community park is a short walk away from the beach and offers plenty of scenic views of this Orange County hideaway. Heisler Park is ideal for those looking for exciting activities such as wading, picnics, snorkeling, and so much more

Heisler Park is not too far away from the Laguna Art Museum and has plenty of walking trails to enjoy the environment. Visitors of “Picnic Beach” near Heisler Park can experience dolphins and whales that call this beautiful beach home. Regardless of the occasion,  visiting Heisler Park has plenty of benefits for adult and young visitors

The beach area of Heisler Park is a protected ecological reserve which means that you can’t remove any items or animals from the beach. There are plenty of signs on the beach to remind those who may forget but nothing should be moved or removed from this beach

Heisler Park is spread out over a 4 block radius and embodies three different regions that each offer their own advantages

Heisler Park South is known by many as the “Rock Pile” and can be accessed from Jasmine Street. Heisler Park South is an ideal location for diving as long as you’re not afraid to take the trip up the many stairs

The general Heisler Park area is known as “Monument Point” and offers magnificent views of the oceanfront. Monument Point is recognized as one of the best diving spots for skilled divers

Heisler Park North is the area known as “Picnic Beach” and is also a preferred diving spot. Hence the name, Picnic Beach is also an ideal location to entertain guests and enjoy the beautiful park/beach area. This area of Heisler Park is within walking distance to both the Rock Pile and Monument Point which gives you access to multiple diving spots amongst other amenities. Heisler Park North is perfect for beginner divers and has so much to offer families and individuals.

Heisler Park Features

  • Picnic tables

  • Grassy areas,

  • Drinking fountains

  • Barbecue grills

  • Showers

  • Restrooms

  • Public telephone

  • Lawn bowling

  • Shuffle board

  • Tide-pools