Help Keep Laguna Beach Kids Safe This Halloween

Halloween is here! Tomorrow you may likely be part of the legions of Americans who will be handing out candy to costume-clad kids in your neighborhood. While it’s fun to have a scare or two on the spookiest night of the year, it’s no fun if someone really gets hurt. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind to ensure that everyone in your Laguna Beach neighborhood has a safe and fun Halloween.

Stay Safe on the Road

According to the National Safety Council, children are four times more likely to be in a pedestrian accident on Halloween night than on any other night of the year. Kids can get very excited being in costume with their friends and going door to door for candy, and watching for cars in the road can be forgotten. As motorists, we should exercise more caution on Halloween and be extra alert and aware. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Drive under the speed limit in residential areas and keep an eye out for kids that may dart into the street.

  • Do not talk on cell phones and limit other distractions, and pay special attention at crosswalks.

  • It may also be wise to discourage young, inexperienced drivers from getting behind the wheel on Halloween, especially after dark.

Stay Safe Hunting for Candy

Staying safe while out trick-or-treating is a high priority for everyone, and here are some tips to make sure you stay out of danger:

  • Children’s costumes should be constructed of flame-retardant materials and should not having any hanging pieces that could brush against an open flame.

  • Light colored costumes make it easier for drivers to see children in the dark.

  • Young children should be accompanied by an adult, and older children should stay on a pre-planned route and be home at a specific time.

  • Everyone should carry flashlights with new batteries as well as a cell phone in case any emergencies arise.

  • Only walk in well-lit areas and do not take shortcuts down dark alleys or across yards.

  • Only cross the street in crosswalks and never cross between parked cars as it can be difficult for drivers to see you.

  • Only visit homes with porch lights on and never go inside a stranger’s home or car.

  • Children should not eat any candy until an adult can inspect them. Throw out any unsealed or damaged packages.

Stay Safe at Home

There are few safety tips to follow at home if you will be handing out candy, which include:

  • Making sure your sidewalk is free and clear of debris or anything a child can trip on such as a garden hose.

  • Use electric candles in jack o’ lanterns instead of those with a real, open flame.

  • Replace burned out bulbs in outdoor lights so pedestrians can more easily see while out walking in the dark.

  • Keeps pets away from the area where the trick-or-treaters will be.

  • Consider handing out non-candy items to limit sugar intake, such as Halloween-themed school supplies or stickers.

Halloween can be one of the most enjoyable nights of the year, but don’t let an accident ruin the fun. By following the safety tips outlined above, you and your family are sure to have a spooktacular Halloween!