We've all dreamed of living on the beach. A waterfront estate comes with a hefty price tag no matter where you are in the world and when that place is Laguna Beach in Orange County, California, you can bet that price goes up considerably. Laguna Beach has so much to offer residence because unlike nearby Newport Beach, it's a bit more laid back and relaxed. Even the people who are all work know how to play hard in Laguna Beach and it's an area that thrives on music, visual arts and other artistic endeavors

Villa Rockledge is a waterfront estate in Laguna Beach that's on the market for a whopping $25 million. It is a property with a rich history, as compiled by Roger Jones, a man who lived at Villa Rockledge for a number of years. The property's history is filled with so many stories that it took Jones almost 20 years to gather all of the information on the house to create his new book. Villa Rockledge isn't all folklore either. The property actually has a plaque inside stating that it's a history landmark, as deemed by the United States Department of Interior. It was given this title by the department in March of 1984 and though the asking price is nearly $25 million, experts suggest Villa Rockledge is worth almost $28 million. Jones says that because of other developments in the OC and the gorgeous land in which Villa Rockledge sits that it is a gem. The landscape of the city no longer lets you build like this, making Villa Rockledge an exceptional property

So what else does the villa have? It has a private parking garage for up to nine cars as well as 12 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Homes in the OC can be ornate, but this is a luxurious pad that is more common in areas like Newport Beach and Beverly Hills rather than Laguna Beach. When Jones first bought the property in February of 1973, the villa was actually a series of units along with one main compound. The then-owner sold it to Jones for a mere $420,000. Villa Rockledge already had a history then, since it was designed by star-chitects, Frank Miller and Arther Benton  back in 1918. What drew Jones to the property most was the fact that it was a grand spread on the water, plus the units created a great opportunity for rental income. Everyone in real estate knows that's a great move, especially when you're on the water in a relaxed community. Folks may lease for the  long term or they may stick around for six months just to explore the land

Potential buyers must pre-qualify for a tour of Villa Rockledge. Jones says many weddings have taken place in front of the scenic fireplace in the main unit. The grand look of the property also opens it up to act as a rented venue for charity events and functions. There's a lot of Hollywood history here too. Bette Davis met her third husband at Villa Rockledge and Broadway actress Irene Worth used the property as her vacation home after growing up in Newport Beach.