The Laguna Beach Historical Society has recently introduced to the public a new historical corner in the place that Laguna used to be. There is located the fine Murphy-Smith bungalow, a monumental home that blends perfectly in the area and enables visitors to catch a glimpse over the history of the area. What is more, the bungalow is a relatively old construction, dating back to 1923. It has been recently listed on the historical inventory of the city and is an important construction because it is such an old edifice, still so well preserved. It is specific to that period and even has a cellar and bootleg liquor that was stored there during the prohibition. It also presents a large main door and French style windows

Originally, the house was specially designed to host the Murphy family, from where it gets its name. The water was provided through a large cistern and it was quite a fine residence for that time. Later, the bungalow was purchased by Claudia Clapp who sold it to her daughter

Many years later The Historical Society received a large amount of money from the City of Laguna Beach to rehabilitate the place and make the necessary reparations. Since then, funds were provided annually to keep the building in shape and prevent it from getting destroyed. It captures so well the specific of the time and it would be a pity from the patrimony to lose that. Also, the Chamber of Commerce and Beautification Committee donated terrain in its back yard for trees to be planted and a garden to be created. Likewise, it must be mentioned that despite the cultural benefits that came with the restoration of the place, it also was a dedication for the President Belinda Blacketer and Doc Blacketer, her father who did a lot of sacrifices to help restoring the bungalow

In addition, we must remember that the Murphy-Smith bungalow is not on a fantastic monument, but it also hosts valuable historical documents and books that can be essential during various researches over that period of time. It features a great library which includes various types of documents that can stand as historical proofs in some matters and represent important arguments that cannot be lost in degradation

Finally, now that so many improvements have been brought to the area, with the constant help of several institutions, all visitors that come in the area are invited to enjoy what it offers. It is a unique building that will make a lasting impression on anyone who sees it because it manages to capture so many beautiful things from the past in a completely original way and expose them to the public. Information on the bungalow and what is worth seeing are available on the internet, as well as most public institutions and the access is very easy. No detours are necessary and one just cannot leave the area without having passed by this magnificent structure