How To Attract Millennial Home Buyers

When it comes time to sell your Laguna home, you’ll want to reach as many prospective buyers as possible. One group you may not have considered marketing to are Millennials – loosely defined as those between the ages 18-34. More and more Millennials are preparing to buy homes, so it’s worth thinking about how your home may meet their needs. Below are a few characteristics of the typical Millennial home buyer.

Millennials Like To Stay At Home

While they may be young, these potential home buyers enjoy time spent at home. In fact, Millennials rate big kitchens and lots of space as some of the most important features in a home. Instead of going out, more and more Millennials enjoy entertaining at home, and having a big kitchen and lots of space to entertain their friends is important. Outdoor living spaces also rate highly for Millennials, so if you have a porch or deck that is great for outdoor entertaining, be sure to highlight it. If your home was made for fun, it’s sure to please the Gen Y crowd.

Comfortable Bedroom Suites

This generation enjoys comfort and space, especially in the bedroom. Walk-in closets, en suite bathrooms, and sitting areas are all features that could appeal to the Millennial home buyer.

Intelligent, Upgraded Homes

Millennials are a technology-centric generation, having grown up in a world where the Internet has always existed. Homes that feature upgraded and energy-efficient appliances such as smart thermostats, dual-pane windows and eco-friendly landscaping are appealing to Millennials. Other features such as wireless connectivity and dual-functionality of spaces also rate high. If that bedroom could also double as an office or media room, be sure to mention it!


Millennials are a connected generation, and more often than not are interested in living somewhere with a tight-knit community. Let them know what features your community boasts, such as a shopping plaza that is within walking distance, a community pool or golf course, and entertainment venues that are nearby.

Proximity to Transportation

Is your home close to various transportation options? Is there a dedicated bike lane or path? Are you close to a train station? Having a variety of transportation options outside of just a car will appeal to many Millennial home buyers, so take time to research and list some of the choices that are available close to your home.

Clean, Modern Design

Clean, modern home design is popular with the Millennial generation, so if your home has a contemporary feel you’ll want to highlight that. Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to staging your home, and clear it of clutter when it’s time to start showing.

By knowing more about the potential market that the Millennial generation offers, you can position your home so that it highlights many of the features they may be looking for. If you’d like to speak with an agent about how to best attract Millennial home buyers to your Laguna property, please CLICK HERE to speak with an expert from The Stanaland Group.