In all human levels of interaction and association, building trust is the easiest way to connect with someone and instantly build a rapport. Building trust can turn an otherwise bad situation into a great one in an instant. This skill is helpful in situations like networking events, job interviews, meetings, etc

When one builds a rapport with another party, the level of trust, understanding, and interests shared between the parties will be hard to tamper with. This is the main reason why everyone wishes to learn and know how to build trust with someone they have just met quickly

Ways to build trust quickly

Below is a compiled list of some of the things that will help one to build trust quickly;

  • Always keep time- If a business meeting, job interview, etc has been scheduled to begin at a specific time, one should ensure to be there on time. In order to ensure that one does not falter in keeping time, it is advisable to get to the specific location at least five minutes before time.

This usually makes the person one is meant to meet to feel respected and important. When the individual feels all these positive emotions just before the commencement of the interview, trust begins to be formed between the two parties

  • Smile- This very simple act has an almost magnetic effect of drawing people in and making them feel at ease.

  • Dress well-When meeting someone for the very first time, the way one dresses is also important as this is one of the first things the individual notices. If one is well groomed and properly dressed, the chances of building trust quickly increases as the person is now interested in knowing what one has to say or offer.

  • Eye contact-Another aspect that will enable one build trust quickly is maintaining comfortable eye contact. This enables the person one is talking to, to feel like one is paying attention to them and that what they are saying is of importance, if done well, this is one of the most effective ways of building trust quickly.

  • Handshake-Experts have stated that one of the essential ways to build trust is also by the handshake one employs. The manner, poise, and execution of a handshake can make one leave a lasting impression with everyone they meet.

If one follows the above points when going for a job interview, business meeting, social gathering, etc, one is sure to to leave a lasting impression on the people encountered. This will in turn enable them build trust with these individuals quickly and reap it benefits.