One of the many benefits of living in a luxury Laguna Beach home is having the perfect space to entertain for the holidays. If you’re expecting guests this Thanksgiving, here are some helpful tips to ensure that they feel right at home!

Plan in advance

There’s only one thing you can count on when you’re preparing a Thanksgiving meal for a crowd, which is that you’ll feel rushed in that last hour before you serve dinner. Give yourself a break by making as many dishes as you can in advance. Nobody will be the wiser that those mashed potatoes were reheated or that the cranberry sauce has been in the fridge for a couple of days. You’ll be less stressed and have more time to mingle as your guests arrive

Set the table the night before

One of the most enjoyable parts of hosting Thanksgiving can be setting the table. You’ll have more than enough to do on the big day, so set the table the night before when you can give it your full attention. If you are planning to have more than eight guests, consider assigning seats, especially if your guests don’t all know each other. Put guests with similar interests next to each other to keep the conversation rolling throughout the meal

Don’t be afraid to delegate

Thanksgiving is about the warmth of family and friends, and it’s not your responsibility to impress everyone with your culinary masterpieces. It’s perfectly fine to ask guests to bring a dish like an appetizer or dessert or a bottle of wine. It’s also okay to ask another friendly guest to answer the door and to collect coats so that you can concentrate on what’s happening in the kitchen

Create a mood

Your guests will take their cues from you for the evening, so you’ll want to set a comfortable and relaxing tone from the moment they arrive. Have a playlist ready and music playing when guests arrive and be ready to offer them a drink. Be sure there are plenty of places for guests to sit and mingle while you’re putting the finishing touches on the meal. A few appetizers set out will help out those who came with their appetites in tow, and will be appreciated if you end up running a little behind schedule

Enjoy yourself

Remember you’re a guest at your own party, too! If you are having a good time, your guests are more likely to enjoy themselves as well. By preparing as much as you can before your guests arrive, you’ll have more time to enjoy them. And it’s okay to save those dishes for the next morning so that you can sit and talk with your guests before they leave. Thanksgiving is about spending time together, so make sure to include yourself in that

More information

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