Moving is stressful on humans, but can be doubly so for pets. They don’t have the benefit of understanding what’s happening around them, so the process of packing up boxes and leaving the house can be very confusing. Add to that some stressed-out humans and suddenly your normally chill furry family member is a nervous wreck.

If you’re getting ready to relocate to or from Laguna Beach with your pet, follow these guidelines to make the process as stress-free as possible.

Talk to your vet

Your pet’s current veterinarian can be a great source of information as you prepare for your move. Does your pet dislike traveling? Your vet can recommend behavior modification practices or even medication that can help calm your pet during the transition. Also, if you don’t have your pet microchipped, now is the time to do it. If your pet does have a microchip, be sure to confirm that the information the chip registry has on file is correct.

Before you make the big move, research possible veterinarians before you arrive at your new home. Your current vet may be able to offer recommendations. Set up an appointment for your pet in advance to introduce them to your new vet. Be sure to get all your pet’s medical records before moving day.

Make a moving day plan

On the day of the move, have a plan in place so you know how you will deal with your pet. Ideally, you should remove your pet before boxes and furniture are moved. Either find a kennel that will keep them for the day or call in a favor from a friend or family member.

If your new home is not far away, you’ll likely take your pet to your new place in the car. If your pet has any car anxiety, do a few practice runs first to get them more comfortable. If your new home is more than a day’s drive away, be sure to find out what hotels on your route will accept pets as guests. Remember to keep cats in carriers and restrain dogs with seat belts.

Prepare for overseas travel

If your move to or from Laguna Beach includes crossing any international borders, you’re pet’s move is going to be a little more complex. Some countries place restrictions on animals entering the country, and it’s possible your pet may need to be quarantined for a period of time before you can take them to their new home. You’ll need to make sure your pet has the necessary medical forms, and you’ll also need to contact the appropriate consulate for any health certificates you’ll need to have notarized.

Some airlines allow small pets to travel in the cabin. Those whose carriers do not fit under the seat may need to travel with checked baggage. If the whole process seems daunting, you can also hire a pet relocation service to take care of the move for you.

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