Out-Of-Town Guests This Thanksgiving

One of the joys of living in Laguna Beach means living a resort-style life year-round, thanks to our temperate climate, pristine beaches, and gorgeous surroundings. Of course, that may mean your home becomes the destination during the holidays for out-of-town family and friends. If you plan to host overnight guests over Thanksgiving weekend, follow these tips to make sure your Laguna Beach home is prepared, allowing them – and you – to enjoy the holiday.

Get the Guest Rooms Ready

One of the obvious areas to prepare for your out-of-town are the guest bedrooms and bathrooms. A great secret for making sure your guests will have everything they need is for you to spend the night in the room before they arrive. You’ll then know from experience what they will need to feel comfortable. Make sure there are extra towels and blankets and enough toiletries to last through their stay. You may also want to add some books or magazines and a vase of fresh flowers for that special touch.

Lay Down the House Rules

Guests will feel more at home if they understand your house rules. A great way to give them all the information they need is with this handy door hanger. You can list essential info such as WiFi passwords, how to use the remotes for the TV, where extra supplies are stored, and any house rules such as what kind of treats the dog can have and making sure the back gate shuts all the way if going out for a walk. If yours is a no-shoes household, let your guests know and provide them with some comfy slippers they can wear around the house.

Have Snacks On Hand

Guests might feel a little awkward looking in your cabinets or refrigerator for snacks, so make sure to always have some out for them. You can set fresh fruit, granola bars and sweet treats on the kitchen counter that they can take if they’re heading out for the afternoon, or if they wake up in the morning before you. You might also want to stash some snacks and bottled water in their rooms in case they need a little something to drink or nosh on in the middle of the night.

Plan Something Fun Together

There is so much to enjoy in Laguna Beach, you should set aside some time during your guests’ stay to enjoy the area with them. You can simply go for a nice walk along the beach during sunset, or do some holiday shopping in our charming Laguna Village. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can take a day trip to San Diego or Los Angeles to visit some museums or go on a studio tour. The hardest part will be deciding what to do!

If you take just a little time to prepare your Laguna Beach home for your out-of-town guests this holiday, you’ll find that you will make them feel more at ease and free up time for all of you to enjoy together. It’s the best recipe for a truly thankful Thanksgiving!