Ever wonder where your favorite late night talk show host goes home to every night? It turns out that these funny men have some seriously amazing houses.  Since "The Tonight Show" first debuted in 1954, the late night talk show format has dominated the ratings.  The comedians who have inherited this legacy are clearly reaping the benefits and living like kings.  Here's a glimpse at the unbelievable places these guys call home

Craig Ferguson

The star of "The Late Late Show" clearly has nothing to complain about.  For more than ten years, he lived in a Spanish style home in the Hollywood Hills above Los Angeles.  Built in 1930, the dream home sits on a double lot measuring over 9,000 square feet.  The home features 4 bedrooms, a large pool, and a deck with breathtaking views of LA.  And of course it's gated to keep unwanted strangers away.  Ferguson sold this home recently for $1.99 million and relocated down the street to a new home he bought for $4.1 million

Craig Kilborn

Ferguson's predecessor on "The Late Late Show", Craig Kilborn, certainly doesn't seem to be suffering, either.  Kilborn recently sold his Spanish style home in the Hollywood Hills as well.  It was also located on a 9,000 square foot lot and built in the same era as Ferguson's.  It seems that sharing hosting duties of a popular late night television show and a first name aren't the only things these two funny men have in common

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is so cute - and so is his home!  Fallon recently purchased an expertly appointed home in the Hamptons for a whopping $5.7 million.  Born and raised in New York, Fallon's 2.2 acre estate in Sagaponack features a 6 bedroom main home, 2 adorable adjacent guest cottages, a barn in case you want to throw a hootenanny, a heated pool and a four car garage.  Sounds like Jimmy likes to have weekend guests!

Jay Leno

The grand daddy of the current late night line up, Jay Leno has a home that proves it.  Leno purchased his current home in 1987 for $2.45 million.  It has only increased in value since that time.  The home contains five bedrooms and more than 6,000 square feet of living space, giving Leno plenty of room to wander around.  Of course, Leno is a world renowned car collector, so his property also boasts a detached garage to house his collection of vintage and high performance automobiles

David Letterman

If you thought Jay Leno was living large, then you haven't see the home of David Letterman.  The King of Late Night lives in New York, North Salem to be exact, and has created his own private oasis.  Over the years he has acquired the adjoining properties to his main home.  The main property, purchased in 1994 for $5 million, has over 8,000 square feet and seven bathrooms.  It is often referred to as a colonial masterpiece

These guys may be funny, but there is nothing funny about the gorgeous properties they call home