Captain Jack Van Dyke and his crew of over 30 anglers have been working hard sailing The Clemente from Dana Point following reports of large amounts of the Humboldt squid on the coast. There were reports of massive amounts of Humboldt squid from Laguna Beach to San Clemente.

After 3 hours of sailing in extremely cold conditions without 1 alert on his fish locator, Captain Jack stated that hundreds of glowing squid surrounded the boat for roughly 45 minutes consecutively. The captain then stopped his boat, gathered his crew, and reeled in about 800 squid in less than 1 hour. It took the captain and his crew two hours to clean and filet the squid near Dana Point Harbor

Humboldt squid weigh roughly 5-20 pounds each and have been located primarily in 200-700 feet of water between California and Mexico. Many researchers believe that similar to the recent dolphin and whale sightings near the surface, Humboldt squid are migrating to feed on a surplus of krill washed into the area by tidal flows

That same Sunday, two Dana Wharf Sport-fishing boats caught over 400 squid and 15 anglers in Newport Beach reeled in 340 squid that weighed between 5 and 10 pounds each. One angler described the scene of pools of squid jumping all around his boat as a phenomenal sighting. These recent accounts of giant squids being caught by the hundreds hasn't been experienced since September of 2011. In 2011, anglers caught hundreds of squid weighing from 10 to 40 pounds by using fluorescent jibs to attract them and pronged contraptions to bring them to the surface

Capturing squid isn't as easy as it sounds and the ink covered crew of The Clemente can attest for that. Caption Van Dyke recalled how all of his deckhands were busy helping anglers because there was a squid on every line dropped in the water. Captain Van Dyke also described the chaos of how the injured squid captured on the line were being eaten by other squid circling the boat

After 45 minutes of bountiful catches and plenty of frenzy as well, the captain called off the crew as they aren't allowed to keep more squid than they will use personally (up to 30 squid/person). The Humboldt squid is not a rare catch but they aren't typically found in such large amounts so close to the shore.