Fabulous Indoor Swimming Pools to Cool You Down

Some people want to add an extra bedroom or a living room to their homes, while others are aquatic fanatics who are constantly trying to find the perfect indoor swimming pool. There are numerous houses that feature opulent and luxurious pools and that might be an inspiration for other homeowners. Most of the times, these pools require special climate and space requirements so they’re much like architectural wonders made of heavy timber, brick, marble or ceramic

North-central Wisconsin Wonderland

One of the best indoor swimming pools has been spotted in Wisconsin. It costs $3.5 million and it’s included in the Three Lakes housing market. The lakefront home is made of cedar and it measures 9,000 square feet. The indoor pool has 80 by 24 feet and it features a fireplace, cedar ceilings and a kitchen

Roman Holiday in the Hamptons, N.Y

New York has its own luxurious pool in the Hamptons. The house covers 2.5 acres, offers impressive views over the Lake Agawam, and it is situated very close to the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. It costs $28 million and it is part of the Southampton housing market

Idyllic in Saint Charles, Ill

In Saint Charles, Illinois, people will discover an amazing pool for the price of $7.9 million. The house is located very close to Chicago, it covers 26 acres and features a Japanese garden measuring 5 acres, 7 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms

Timber-lined Temptation in Aspen, Colo

Aspen, Colorado is keeping up with these impressive pools and it presents a spacious indoor pool in a house that costs $10 million. The property includes 6.5 baths, 6 bedrooms and offers views over Mount Sopris and Independence Pass

Ashland, Ore., Oasis

Ashland, Oregon, is the place to be for those who love luxury. The estate that we’re talking about features a vineyard with Viognier, Tempranillo, Cabernet Franc and Syrah grapes. Additionally, it has a large indoor pool made of glass. The property costs $4.56 million; it has 120 acres, an art studio, a recreation barn, a guest house, 6 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms

Greenwich, Conn., Gem

For only $4.5 million, individuals can benefit from a very sophisticated indoor pool in Greenwich, Connecticut. The house is a couple of hours away from New York and it comes with 7 baths, 6 bedrooms and a pool featuring playful mosaics and bold colors

Ultimate in Park City, Utah

Those with a larger budget can opt for a house in Park City, Utah. For $6.6 million, the owner is going to indulge in luxuries like heated porches, a pizza oven, sports bar and a golf simulator. Not to mention that the marvelous indoor pool overlooks the mountains

La Villa Contenta in Malibu, Calif

And since we’re talking about opulence and extravagance we cannot miss La Villa Contenta situated in Malibu, California. The house and its pool constructed in a neoclassical style were featured in the miniseries called “True Blood”

New York City’s Rarest

New York features one of the most inviting and beautiful pools on the list. It is situated in Chelsea, it costs $9.95 million, it has a swing, and it measures 26 feet. The stunning pool is certainly rare piece of art and the home itself also offers a solarium sanctuary, a rooftop sun deck, a hot tub and a sauna

Sandy Springs, Ga

Last but not least on the list we have a house in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Its price is $3.9 million; it has a heated driveway, an indoor lap pool, 6 baths, 4 bedrooms, a playroom, an exercise room, a wine cellar, a media room, and a chef’s kitchen