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Chances are if you live in a luxury Laguna Beach home, you have an excellent security system. This could include landscape lighting, motion detectors, video surveillance systems and alarms. But could you be more protected?

While Laguna Beach has a lower-than-average crime rate, it can still make sense to take your home’s security up a notch. With advances in technology, today it is easier than ever. Here’s a look at some of best ways to beef up the security of your luxury home.

Safe Rooms

Safe rooms, sometimes known as “panic rooms,” came into the mainstream consciousness after Jodie Foster famously starred in a movie of the same name, and they’re now becoming a common safety feature in luxury homes. Usually this room is centrally located with a disguised entrance, say behind a bookshelf, mirror or staircase. They can be a place to retreat to in an emergency or somewhere to store valuables.

Secret Passages

While it sounds like something out of a mystery novel, secret passages can be designed into a home with entrances made to look like bookcases or walls. The passages can even connect various locations in the home to the central safe room.

Bullet Resistant Doors

With a price tag of up to half a million dollars, bullet resistant doors aren’t a casual expense. But the technology is capable of shielding those on the other side from bullets, and the doors often come with electromagnetic locks, making it impossible for someone to enter without proper authorization.

Infrared Cameras

Going beyond what traditional video cameras can capture, infrared cameras are able to pick up the heat signatures of everything within their line of sight. Humans give off considerably more heat than plants and small animals, so they’re easy to spot day or night. Low-end models can spot someone a kilometer away, while high-end models have more than 10 times the sensitivity and range.

Biometric Security Systems

Biometric security systems offer a level of personal protection through advanced technology. These systems of locks and scanners can only be accessed through such biological details as fingerprints, palm prints, iris patterns or facial features.

Smoke Systems

These devices are installed on walls or ceilings and emit smoke or fog that will disorient intruders or even noxious gas that can disable them for up to 24 hours. Some models are available that douse burglars with pepper spray.

Underground Bunkers

Taking the notion of the safe room a step further, underground bunkers can keep a family safe for up to months at a time. They generally have their own geothermal power supply and can be stocked with provisions to last indefinitely. Some luxury homes have even managed to turn bunkers into part of their living space, using them as wine cellars or entertainment centers.

More Information

A state-of-the-art security system will not only provide you with peace of mind, it could even become a selling point down the line. If you’d like more information about Laguna Beach homes for sale, please contact The Stanaland Group.