One of Laguna Beach's most prized centers of art and entertainment is the Sawdust Art & Craft Festival, which hosts classes and events throughout the year to educate and promote art that is created by Laguna Beach residents. The art displayed and supported by this venue is largely created near your Laguna Beach home. If you live in Laguna Beach, you can now get in on the fun of artistic expression and benefit from the Sawdust Art Studio Classes for students 18 years of age and older. This month, choose from a variety of workshops to create functional fused glass creations

One such workshop is featured this Saturday, January 14th, with Maggie Spencer guiding a Fused Glass Sushi Set Workshop in which participants will be taught and instructed, step by step to create an original, impressive looking sushi set. This fantastic set includes a fused glass 8” plate for sushi or sashimi along with a coordinating 3” dish perfect for soy and wasabi. Your glass construction will radiate with vivacious colors and shapes, which are trademarks of Maggie Spencer's own style which reflects her Zen philosophy of a joyful and enriched life. Join many of your friends and neighbors in Laguna Beach for an enriching experience as you explore your artistic side. Wood chopsticks are included and each participant will take home their creation. This class is offered at 10am until 12pm and the cost of the class is $95, including materials. To register or for more information on this and other classes, click here.