Looking for the perfect last-minute activity to spend with Dad this Fathers Day or any other day for that matter? Pack a picnic and head to the Laguna Beach tidepools, just minutes from your Laguna Beach home. Your day will be filled with sunshine and relaxation as you ponder the seal and marine life together. As a reminder, living and non-living objects are not to be removed from the tidepools, since they are protected by the Marine Life Protection Act and all of the listed tidepools are in the State Marine Conservation Area. There are many beautiful tidepools to visit if you live in Laguna Beach and you’ll find a little more information on each below

Bird Rock at the Heisler Park Reserve is just north from Main Beach and is a great choice for tidepooling. You will easily spot some active critters, including sea hares, sea urchins and even some sea cucumbers. At Moss Point, you can often find some interesting shelled sea animals here, but you must be aware that the beach completely covers with water at high tide, so plan accordingly. Picnic Beach, also at Heisler Park Reserve is best to visit during low tide where you can stand on the dry rocks and view the sea anemones changing shape as the water recedes, to avoid slipping and creating an unsafe environment for the wildlife. RockPile is at Heisler Park Reserve, too. This area is south of the stairs tidepool and you can observe marine life from the sand at this spot. You may even see an octopus! More rocks and sea urchins, shore crabs, hermit crabs, and other creatures are located on the north of the stairs

Shaw's Cove is where the TideWater Docent volunteers teach about the tidepools and is a very active area where much can be seen, but is often very crowded with people. Treasure Island is located at the Montage Laguna Beach, and also has tidepool docents on hand as needed (holidays/weekends) to educate visitors on marine life. To learn more about what you can see locally in the tidepools, click here