Laguna Beach home to bike trailsLaguna Beach is perfect for outdoor adventures, especially mountain biking. Gorgeous canyons and rugged terrain make for challenging trails for both beginning and intermediate cyclists. If you already have mastered the basics of mountain biking near your Laguna Beach home, you may want to join in the intermediate adventure at Laguna Canyon on Sunday, August 12th from 8 to 10:30 a.m. Participants are asked to meet at Ridge Park in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park for a 10-mile ride over a 1,000 ft. elevation gain with mountain bike equipment, snacks and water, helmet and gloves in hand. A guide will lead you on your biking experience, reservations are required, and a $2 donation is requested per rider. Parking at Laguna Canyon is $3 per car

For newcomers to mountain biking who live in Laguna Beach, an introduction to mountain bike riding course will be held at the same time to teach biking basics and courtesy on the trail. Riders should meet at the gate at Ridge Park. Newbies will also embark on a 6.8-mile ride, covering and 800-ft. elevation gain in terrain and delighting in canyon views. All riders should dress for off-pavement riding, including sturdy shoes, helmet, and gloves. Bringing water and a small snack is advised, too. Please call 949.923-2235 or visit the Laguna Canyon Foundation to learn more.