Laguna Beach home to New Bag OrdinanceAre you aware that the plastic bag ordinance that was passed in Laguna Beach will take affect on January 1st of 2013? If you call Laguna Beach home, you may start to notice it in your holiday shopping, as most Laguna Beach stores (restaurants and food truck vendors are excluded) are gearing up to be able to fully comply

The new ordinance prohibits retailers from giving customers who shop and live in Laguna Beach single-use plastic bags (less than 2.25mil thick) after making their purchases. The City Council will continue to allow plastic produce bags for local produce shopping. All other stores must provide customers either with recycled paper bags or reusable bags. If you request a paper bag, a 10 cent donation will be requested. The 10 cents will be retained by the store—this is not a tax, but an incentive to encourage shoppers to use reusable bags

For more information, see our FAQ page. According the official Laguna Beach City, the goal of the Disposable Bag Reduction Ordinance is to eliminate the use of single-use bags in order to reduce marine debris and limit waste sent to the landfill. Please call the City at 949.949.0390 to find out more about how you can help to reduce waste or click here to read the details.