A wide area from the Laguna Canyon has been acquired by the Laguna Canyon Foundation, and the title of propriety will be transferred to the town of Laguna Beach. The region in question is a real biodiversity hot spot, featuring a flourishing wildlife, and numerous species of plants and animals

What is more, the foundation has bought 56 acres of terrain just few days ago from the McGhee family using a grant of $1.5 million offered by the California State Coastal Conservancy. The transaction was possible due to the Proposition 12 crew, and to a special bond measure approved thirteen years ago, and that provides funding for open space areas

Furthermore, the foundation has acquired an extremely wide section of land, in an area famous for its splendid cliffs, thriving wildlife and ravines. From now on, the place will be in the possession of Laguna Beach, and it is going to be administrated by OC Parks, since it already is regarded as part of the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park. They intend to maintain the natural beauty of the area, protect it, and even transform it into a natural reservation. This place is a real piece of heaven because the natural wonders founds here cannot be seen anywhere else in the state

In addition, the propriety spreads from the Morningside Derive, in Rim Rock Canyon, all the way to the Temple hill Drive of the World, and it is one of the few areas of developable land existent in Laguna Beach at this moment. All others are not as beautiful and have been destroyed in time, or have been used for other purposes

Also, during the last ten years, the Laguna Beach Canyon foundation, along with its resilient Proposition 12 partners, have acquired a wide array of large proprieties in order to maintain their wilderness, and prevent them from being destructed by the industrial development of the surrounding areas

Moreover, Max Borella, who is the executive director of the Laguna Canyon Foundation claims that they wished for a long time to get in the possession of this place, and that they have made everything they could to acquire it. He added that the area is a fabulous natural habitat for hawks, owls, bobcats, coyotes, gnatcatchers, snakes, reptiles and many more animals that may be endangered if their territories were destroyed

Finally, it was said that the land has never been developed so far, although there was a residential development proposition once. Now that the land has been purchased by them, and it is managed by the OC Parks, it is outside of any danger, and it will remain an astonishing natural area, a home for so many creatures and plants. There are only a few places as beautiful as this land on Laguna Beach, and it would have been a pity for it to be destroyed in order to build something else in its place.