People from Laguna say that it’s time for the Top of the World trail to safe for all hikers, bikers, and other visitors. About 20 people spoke regarding the proposed pedestrian pathway during the City Council Meeting, and majority of these people are in favor. The said path will actually connect the Alta Laguna Boulevard to the road between the Arch Beach Heights and the Top of the World. This area comes with great views of the canyon, as well as the Pacific Ocean

The Plans for the Top of the World

The City Council voted 4-0 to award a contract worth $78,500 to Stantec for design services. A number of residents pointed out some issues regarding the path like the uneven terrain, rocky outcroppings, and the lack of access. A resident, Lisa Briit, even feared that some people might not understand why the trail needs improvement. Often times, the trail can be dangerous, but with a little help from the right people, the trail can be greatly improved

In the summer, the council asked staff to look into the alignment alternatives. It was known that a redrawn path would need getting easements from private property landowners. The path would need to follow two undeveloped private lands, go through county park property, and hit the fire road. Fortunately, the property owners have verbally agreed on the easements. This new alignment would go along the back of the private gated street known as Sommet Du Monde. Hopefully, all the issues will be addressed soon so that the new pathway will be created, all for the improvement of the Top of the World and Laguna Beach in general

Facts and Details on the Top of the World

The Top of the World is literally on the “top of the world”. This is actually a community park located in Laguna Beach, California. The official name of the park is Alta Laguna Park, but is often referred as the name previously mentioned. The park is specifically located at Alta Laguna Boulevard. The park is named as the “Top of the World” since it is about a thousand feet above sea level, and one can almost see Orange County from the park’s spot on a clear, lovely day. The park is the favorite area of hikers, aside from that; it comes with the biking trail head for the Aliso and Wood Canyons Regional Park

But since it is still underdeveloped, visitors, especially the first time hikers are advised to be careful. You may encounter a number of obstacles that you cannot handle on your own. That’s why the City Council came up with the idea on improving the trail on the Top of the World Park. If supported by the people and the government, hopefully, we will soon see a better and greatly improved trail on the area.