• Location: 28241 La Paz Road  Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

  • Phone: (949) 923-2240

  • Website: http://www.ocparks.com

Laguna Niguel is a prosperous, welcoming community, situated in California, on the coastal area of San Joaquin Hills. The name of the region comes from the Spanish word “Laguna”, which means “lagoon” and the name of an Indian village that was located in the area. It is bordered by Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills and San Juan Capistrano and is a really delightful location. Recently, the real estate market has developed greatly and plenty of condominiums and elegant mansions were built. These have increased the popularity of the area, making it a real attraction point

Moreover, Laguna Niguel is actually situated on the land that once belonged to Juan Avila, where Rancho Niguel Mexican was situated. The place was his propriety until 1865, when during a dreadful drought, he lost all he had. Soon after, the area was purchased by Lewis Moulton in 1895, who also bought various terrains around it from farmers who were also facing the devastating effects of the drought

Later on, Cabot & Forbes started the Laguna Niguel Corporation and made the area known all over California. It was the first master planned community in the whole state, thus it developed fast. And when the San Diego Freeway was built in 1959 even more people moved to the area. The first communities were formed along the coast, as well as in the South. A few years later, Laguna Niguel National Park, a building that was administrated by the US government, was finally opened

Still, Laguna Niguel hasn’t been considered a city until 1989, when it officially received its title. In 2012 it sent McKayla Maroney to the London Olympic Games and she became a true superstar after she won two medals. In addition, the area has a really pleasurable climate too. Like in the rest of the California state, the weather is nice and warm all year-round. August is the hottest month, while December is the chilliest, but the medium temperature is constant and warm. The lowest temperature ever registered was 21 degrees Celsius. Also, it rains rarely and usually the sun shines every day

Furthermore, the area features several buildings it can pride with. For instance, in 1970, there was built a towering construction, which has one million square foot and was aimed to be sued by Rockwell International. Currently, the Chet Holified Federal Building, as it is named, is owned by the US government. Now it serves as home to various microfilms, land agreements and the Western Regional Department of Homeland Security. It was a setting for the movie “Outbreak” in 1995, as well as for “Deal of the Century” and “Death Race 2000”

What is more, the Laguna Niguel contains several neighborhoods. The main ones are Ocean Ranch, Bear Brand Ranch, South Peak, Coronado Pointe, Niguel Coast and Crest de Ville. They are all beautiful places, with fantastic views over the ocean and the canyons. And with such a warm and nice weather, who wouldn’t just love to live there?