361 Cliff Dr
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 497-5434

About Las Brisas

Breathe in the salty sea air when you're relaxing at an outdoor table at Las Brisas. This Mexican restaurant in Laguna Beach has a stunning view of the ocean and makes for a great casual dining experience. The thing about Laguna Beach is no matter how nice the restaurant is, the crowd is usually laidback and easy going. Expect shorts, flip-flops and kids in this restaurant. Las Brisas bills itself as a Mexican restaurant, but that's a loose term for the cuisine they're serving up. It's more of a Mexican fusion restaurant, as you'll find things like waffles and home fries on the menu too. Las Brisas is a great place to stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner when you're in the Laguna Beach area. You get to experience great food plus the beach, which makes a drive there feel "worth it."

What to Order

You aren't coming to Las Brisas for a five star dining experience. Once you let go of those expectations, you'll be delightfully surprised at the high quality of food the restaurant serves. Mexican food is only delicious when the ingredients are fresh. Las Brisas food is definitely fresh with an array of seafood and standard American food to choose from. The Mexican dishes aren't the best you'll find in California, but they're worth eating if you have a hankering for tacos. The scallops are one of the things most reviewers agree on. They're brought in fresh to Las Brisas multiple times per week, which accounts for their succulent flavor.

All of the seafood at Las Brisas is delivered throughout the week, making it a great spot for trying fish tacos or an ahi tuna burger. The French fries are OK, but nothing to write home about. The fresh veggies mean the salads at Las Brisas are always primo, so you may want to opt for greens alongside your burger or sandwich instead of fries.

For dinner, they have sea bass, ceviche and mahi mahi. It's worth noting that salsa and chips are not free at this "Mexican" restaurant, so be prepared to pay. Overall, the menu isn't real Mexican food, but that may be half-expected when you're smack dab in the middle of Laguna Beach. Ultimately, people are visiting for the drinks and ocean views.

How Much?

Las Brisas may be a casual restaurant, but the prices are up there. The salsa and chips that aren't included with the meal cost $5 and the guacamole is even more. Small things like this add up when you're dining out, so be aware of the prices before you let the waitress ask if you'd like salsa and chips and she brings them out without telling you they'll appear on the bill. The drinks are also expensive, although Las Brisas does have a wide range of high end tequila, which is perfect on the rocks with a lime when overlooking the water on a sunny day.

The best bang for your buck seems to be brunch, which is $17 per person and has many items to choose from. Many praise the eggs at Las Brisas, so we'd say if you're looking for a dining experience near the ocean, stop by on a Saturday or Sunday morning.