Live in Laguna Beach? Keep it beautifulIt is a beautiful thing to live in Laguna. Why, you ask? It is because its residents care about it being beautiful. A concerned resident began a program called ZeroTrash to help keep the community looking clean and wonderful. A signature part of this program is called 1st Saturday. Those who live in Laguna rally together to pick up garbage and get great discounts at local businesses for their efforts on Saturday, November 2nd. Residents show up at one of the many locations at 10 am on the first Saturday to pick up a t-shirt for ten bucks, ZeroTrash Picker bags, and gloves and then get started picking up garbage. Groups can return to these same locations after noon to get great discounts

This event is really great fun because those with Laguna homes can hang out with their friends, family, co-workers – whoever for a few hours and do something inherently good. The other great part about all of this is that the people get rewarded for their hard work. Here are some of the great locations to stop by to pick up gear and to get some great discounts: Hobie , El Ranchito, Laguna Beach High School, United Studios of Self Defense, Thalia Surf Shop, Girl in the Curl Surf Shop, Aliso Niguel High School, and Avila’s El Ranchito. Be proud to live in Laguna and get out there to help keep it beautiful!