live in Laguna Beach and see artWhen you live in Laguna Beach, summer means art festivals. It’s great fun to wander the stalls, taking in the wonderful creations of the artists. Maybe you even have a chat about their work with a few of the artists. With all the creativity in the air, you might even consider trying your hand at creations of your own

On Saturday, August 3rd, you and your family can take in a wonderfully enchanting afternoon at Family Art Day at Festival of Arts. Plan to leave your Laguna Beach home in time to arrive by noon. The festivities last until 3 p.m. The event is free with Festival admission

Family Art Day is designed to give children who live in Laguna Beach a delightful and fun day of creating and enjoying art. Upon arrival, kids will receive a booklet of coupons for activities and treats. They can make ceramics in the Art Center. There’s also the “Art Quest,” a treasure hunt in which kids will answer questions and investigate exhibits throughout the Festival. Kids can enjoy a marionette show, get their faces painted, do some balloon art, make hats, and more. Kids will also get free lunch. Families who live in Laguna Beach should plan on making a fun day of the Festival. Visit the Family Art Day webpage for more information.